Ernst Paul Klee

Senecio - 1922

Twittering Machine - 1922

Cat and Bird - 1928

Ad Parnassum - 1932

Angelus Novus - 1920

Fire evening - 1929

Death and Fire - 1940

Flower Myth - 1918

A Young Lady's Adventure

Castle and Sun

Cosmic Composition

Around the Fish - 1926

Revolution des Viadukts - 1937

Mask of Fear

Blossoms in the Night

Dancing Girl

Insula Dulcamara

Fish Magic

Crystal Gradation

Flora on sand

Hauptweg und Nebenwege

Heroic Roses

Fleeing Ghost

The Way to the Citadel

Landscape with Yellow Birds

Introducing the Miracle

Park Bei Lu

In the Style of Kairouan

Portrait of an Artist

Garden of Passion

Once Emerged from the Gray of Night

Red and White Domes

Ernst Paul Klee, (Münchenbuchsee, 18 dicembre 1879 – Muralto, 29 giugno 1940), è stato un pittore tedesco nato in Svizzera da padre tedesco e madre svizzera, ambedue musicisti.

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